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Throughout her career Janice Jiggins has sought to apply the social sciences to problems and policy issues in agriculture, natural resource management, and reproductive health.

She led field studies in Sri Lanka and Zambia for a number of years, and has worked in the field and in policy advisory roles throughout South Asia, sub-saharan Africa, and Europe, focussing on extension, farming systems, gender relations and women’s livelihoods, integrated pest management, and water management at catchment scale, and has contributed numerous articles, books and book chapters on these themes.

In recent years she has worked as an author for national, regional and global assessments of food security and sustainable farming futures, including the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology, and the UK government’s recent Foresight exercise. She has acted as consultant for a range of UN organisations and the World Bank, bi-lateral development agencies, national governments and foundations.

From 1998- 2001 she was appointed Professor of Human Ecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, where she helped establish a new department for Rural Development Studies. She currently holds the position of Guest Researcher, Knowledge, Technology & Innovation theme, Wageningen University, The Netherlands. She is a member of the governing councils of ILEIA, the Netherlands, and icipe, Nairobi.

For the last four years she has been a member of the Research Associates Support Team, that has been guiding action research under the Convergence of Science-Strengthening Innovation Systems programme, in nine agro-enterprise domains in Benin, Ghana, and Mali.


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