Carolyn Steel

Carolyn Steel is an architect, lecturer and writer. Her chief interest is in exploring the inner lives of cities, and her work has focused on developing a lateral approach to urban design that looks at the everyday routines that shape cities and the way we inhabit them. She has run design studios at the London School of Economics, London Metropolitan University and at Cambridge University, where her lecture course ‘Food and the City’ became an established part of the degree programme.

During her career she realised that her twin passions for food and architecture were really two aspects of the same thing. After studying the everyday habits of a local neighbourhood in Rome over the course of 2000 years in the 1990s, and reflecting on her role as studio director of the Cities, Architecture and Engineering programme at the London School of Economics, where there were architects, politicians, economists, developers, sociologists, housing experts and engineers all gathered together in one room, struggling to find a common language with which to discuss cities she hit on the idea of using food as a common medium. Seven years later, her book Hungry City - How Food Shapes Our Lives was the result. Her follow-up book Sitopia - How Food Can Save the World, was published in 2020.



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