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There are over 150 interviews covering a wide range of issues on the blog. The few listed below give a flavour of the range topics covered. Click on the following subject areas for a link to a collection of interviews related to that topic: agriculture, biodiversity, climate change, farming, food, food ethics, food policy, food insecurity, food security, food systems, hunger, poverty, right to food, sustainability, trade, TRIPS, and the UK.

Guest lecture:
Climate change and agriculture: adaptation and mitigation
Tim Benton

Food systems around the world have been radically transformed in the past 200 years. Yet almost 700 million people go hungry and 1.6bn are overweight. Food systems will be further transformed this century in the face of globalisation, climate change and a world population of 9-10 billion. The key questions are how will they be transformed, in whose interests and to what ends?

This site aims to help you increase your understanding of our food systems. The contributors explore where our food systems came from, how they change, what the challenges are and how to meet them.

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Conversations and interviews on the blog

The wide ranging conversations include

Prof Philip James on food policies to tackle obesity,

M S Swaminathan on India’s green to greed revolution,

Dr Polly Russell on food history,  

Frances Moore Lappe on diets, myths about world hunger and democracy,  

Richard Wilkinson on why inequality matters,  

Helen Browning on organics, pigs and the future of farming, 

Susan George on hunger, debt, trade and finance,

the late Prof Jane Dixon on chicken, supermarkets, power and culture,

Prof Jennifer Clapp on creating food security post COVID-19 and reaching zero hunger,  

Michael Fakhri, 4th Rapportuer on the Right to Food, on Trade Policy, the Right to Food & COVID-19,  

Joyce D’Silva on Compassionate meat eating – less and better respecting sentient animals,

Prof Anton Haverkort on Potatoes – Crop of the Future?  

Timothy A. Wise on ‘Eating Tomorrow: Agribusiness, Family Farmers, and the Battle for the Future of Food’,

Prof Neil Ward on Net Zero and the UK agri-food system, 

Francois Meienberg on Defending farmers’ rights, 

Dan Saladino on eating to extinction,

Dr Irene Hoffmann on Safeguarding biodiversity for food and agriculture,

Prof Alana Mann on an Australian perspective on food in a changing climate

Pat Mooney on ‘A Long Food Movement? Transforming food systems by 2045'.

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